Career Opportunities

Early stage venture spin-off of the Stupid Fun Club with support from a major strategic partner seeks the following for regular full-time, on-site positions.

We're building a forward-thinking, interdisciplinary team. Our mission is to create innovative consumer products using high production quality interactive visuals, the content density of data visualization, and the latest in web and mobile technology.

We strive for a creative environment and a sustainable work/life balance, founded on the belief that work should be an expression of passion and a path to future potential. We provide a comprehensive benefit plan. We're looking for highly skilled individuals who share these values and interests to help us realize our product ambitions.

Open Positions:

Mobile Engineer

We seek a software engineer who understands the native strengths and opportunities presented by iOS and Android tablet platforms, and who will help us build our flagship experience on those devices.

Skills and Requirements:

  • Published applications for iOS and/or Android platforms
  • Strong Objective-C skills and a working knowledge of C++
  • Strong iOS 7+ and Xcode 5+ experience, including use of Storyboards, XIBs, and Auto Layout
  • Experience writing custom, polished transitions and animations in code
  • Familiar with drawing tools such as Sketch, Illustrator, and/or Photoshop
  • Aesthetic sensibility and the ability to apply it to your work
  • BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience


  • Worked with C++ on iOS or on Android via the NDK
  • Familiar with OpenGL and 3D libraries on mobile and tablet
  • Familiar with TestFlight, HockeyApp, and other distribution platforms
  • Familiar with Mixpanel, Keen IO, and other analytics tools
  • Exposure to JavaScript, Python, Ruby, or other scripting languages

Backend Software Engineer

We seek an engineer who understands low-latency services, is aware of a few right tools for each job, and likes to validate their assumptions with data.

Skills and Requirements:

  • Strong knowledge of Python or Ruby
  • Production experience with deployment into AWS or another IaaS provider
  • Familiarity building web-facing data services, backed by either SQL or NoSQL data stores
  • Working experience using in-memory data stores such as memcache, Redis, or ehcache
  • BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience


  • Significant experience in design, implementation, and deployment of high performance data services, including schema design, schema migrations, load balancing, profiling, monitoring, and performance testing
  • Production experience writing Python web applications in Flask or Django
  • Exposure to C/C++, and in particular to the Python C extension API, Cython, or other tools for high-performance computing in Python
  • Practical knowledge of statistical methods, particularly for problems of recommendations, similarity, or time-based analytics
  • Ongoing interest in learning and applying new technologies

Tools Software Engineer

We seek a software engineer who understands the power of internal tools, process automation, integration testing, and continuous build systems.

Skills and Requirements:

  • Experience creating build, test, and deployment systems in an agile environment
  • Some experience with Python, JavaScript, and SQL
  • Comfortable writing integration tests in Python, JavaScript, and other languages as needed
  • Experience with iOS and Android build and test automation frameworks
  • BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience


  • Experience maintaining Jenkins as a continuous integration server
  • Created or maintained management systems for 3D shaders, models, textures, etc.
  • Worked with QUnit, pytest, Selenium, and other testing frameworks

Mobile User Experience Designer

Work with developers to design UI/UX that is appropriate and engaging for the mobile user, that integrates with and reflects the design of our web product. Establish a clear context for usage and prioritize features accordingly. Design an interface idiom that can be adapted for various mobile screens and produce assets for integration across platforms. Anticipate platform-specific opportunities and challenges and make recommendations to address them. Advocate for mobile users and UX in planning with developers.

Skills and Requirements:

  • Strong abilities with Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop, or similar tools
  • Deep knowledge of modern iOS, Android, web, and OS X interface conventions/HIG
  • Proficient at creating SVG iconography and @2x/@3x PNG assets
  • Experience specifying CSS and HTML for development of your designs
  • Skilled at integrating features into a single compelling experience, and can explain reasoning


  • Able to create rapid interactive prototypes to demonstrate designs in action
  • Familiar with product development in Javascript, Xcode (Storyboards, XIBs), and similar technologies
  • Comfortable writing user-facing copy and designing e-mail messaging
  • Knowledge of usability testing, and interest in gathering data from real users
  • An eye for detail and an ability to advocate for consistency in a rapidly evolving product
  • BS in Human-Computer Interaction, Game Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Computer Science, or similar

QA Analyst

We seek a technical candidate who can provide QA and production support for a complex, game-like product on both mobile and web.

Main Duties:

  • Support testing for continuous deployment on mobile (iOS, Android) and web
  • Provide comprehensive test steps for test automation
  • Perform creative testing to catch bugs robots will never see
  • Develop test plans for major feature improvements and planned releases
  • Assess the product QA coverage and implement new forms of testing, for evaluation and practice
  • Interface directly with engineering and product to ensure the process is working for everyone
  • Measure product defect rates and trends

Skills and Requirements:

  • Mobile product testing across multiple platforms, preferably through automation
  • Game QA testing, preferably for an evolving online product
  • Experience with SCRUM or other agile development methodologies


  • Experience coordinating an external QA team
  • Customer support / help desk experience
  • Skills in test automation with Selenium, KIF, Calabash, or similar
  • Experience with user-generated content
  • Experience with support desk software such as JIRA, ZenDesk, etc.

Location: Berkeley, CA

To Apply

  • Forward resume to:
  • Send a brief introductory message with a description of what attracts you to the role and how your contribution will uniquely help the company succeed.
  • Include any links to relevant, personal blogs, portfolio pages

We plan to continue to grow the team over the next several months. If you don't see the perfect job description here but think you might fit in, we'd still like to hear from you. Provide us examples of your work and explain how you see yourself contributing.